4 december 2014

"130 million hectares registred in Rural Environmental Registration (CAR) in Brazil"

"Close to 130 million hectares have already been registered with CAR. This registration is a requirement of the Forest Code for environmental regularization and public financing of production. The federal government estimates that all of Brazil’s rural properties and possessions – 329 million hectares (1.3 million sq. miles) – should be registered by May 2015" according to the Ministry of the Environment, Social Communications Department.

CAR registration will allow the government to follow compliance with the agreements signed by the soy producers by making it possible to identify those who are and who are not complying with the law, thus guaranteeing access to the most demanding international commodities markets. The results, according to Minister Teixeira, are good and contradict those who do not believe in such a wide-ranging registration.

CAR is a state obligation, but the Ministry of the Environment created SICAR (National System for Rural Environmental Registration) to integrate existing registrations, as well as to enable new environmental registrations to be made directly by rural proprietors through the Internet, on the site www.car.gov.br.  Environmental liabilities registered in CAR will be regularized through signing up for PRA (Environmental Regularization Program).

Filling in CAR started with the small rural proprietors and is supported by INCRA (National Colonization & Agrarian Reform Institute) in the settlements. The current expectation is that the large proprietors will register by the May 2015 deadline.



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