Correction of error for specification of Schizochytrium sp. oil

On 1 April 2020 the Commission Implementing Regulation 2020/478 was published correcting in the Union list of Novel Foods the indicated maximum acid value for Schizochytrium sp. (T18) oil.

Novel foods may not be placed on the market or used in food for human consumption unless they are included in a Union list (Regulation (EU) 2017/2470). After the publication of this Union list, food business operators identified an error. In the specifications of Schizochytrium sp. (T18) oil, the indicated acid value was erroneously ≤ 0,5 mg KOH/g instead of the correct value of ≤ 0,8 mg KOH/g. 

Therefore this specification of the acid value will be corrected as follows:


This regulation shall enter into force on the 22 April 2020.

Click here for the EC Implementing regulation (EU) 2020/478.

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Last modified: 6 April 2020