Digital Knowledge Centre

To enhance the knowledge of new and existing employees of MVO member companies, a digital course package has been developed with broad basic knowledge about the oils and fats supply and distribution chain.

The key elements of this course package are as follows:

  • The Rules: policy topics, such as quality and food safety, sustainability, healthy nutrition, trade matters and working conditions.
  • The Sector: type of companies, what they do and the companies involved.
  • The Products: the end products produced by the oils and fats chain, the raw materials used and the production processes applied.
  • The Chemistry: structure of a fat molecule, how this structure changes during (oleochemical) processing; what is unsaturated fat and what is saturated fat?

Separate modules have been developed for the fat, refining and fat recycling sub-sectors. These modules specifically target employees at the senior secondary vocational education (MBO) level who want to upgrade their knowledge about their own sub-sector.

A theme module, Working Safely, has also been included. In this module, which specifically targets standby workers and hired-in workers, a worker in the oils and fats industry can familiarise him/herself with all safe working-related aspects in a short period of time. This concerns product safety, as well as the safety of the worker and his/her colleagues.

The course package contains various tests that the worker can use to test his/her knowledge after studying all of the information. 

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Last modified: December 10, 2020 11:01