EFISC-GTP (European Feed and Food Ingredient Safety Certification)

The European Feed and Food Ingredient Safety Certification Aisbl (EFISC-GTP) is the result of the certification schemes EFISC and GTP joining forces, with the support of the European feed/food ingredient sector organisations COCERAL, FEDIOL, Starch Europe, EBB and Euromalt.

The European code to good practice for the industrial manufacturing of safe feed/food materials has been developed by the European feed/food materials sector organisations in order to provide an EU harmonised, voluntary, feed/food safety assurance scheme for the feed/food materials industry in the EU internal market. The code is based on the risk analyses of FEDIOL and those of other feed/food materials sector organisation. With this initiative, the feed/food material sector organisations anticipated the wish of the legislator that sectors should help their companies implementing legal safety rules (Regulation 852/2004/EC and 183/2005/EC).

EFICS-GTP offers an open platform for dialogue to the feed/food materials manufacturers to exchange on issues related to feed/feed materials safety and welcomes the participation of other sectors.

The aim of the code is to provide safe feed for animals and hence to support safety throughout the food chain up to the consumers and safe food materials by making the best use of the industry’s experience and expertise. Furthermore, a harmonised assurance scheme positively contributes to fair trading practices and to the free movement of feed/food materials within the EU market. The EU wide implementation increases transparency, improves efficiency and customer confidence.

Therefore the code provides guidance for manufacturers on how to establish and implement their own feed/food safety management system in accordance with the relevant EU and National legislation. The code includes requirements for the management system, (operational) prerequisite programmes, risk control (hazard analysis critical control points), documentation, withdrawal and traceability.


Last modified: July 26, 2018 11:40