Regulation (EC) no. 528/1999 establishes measures to improve the quality of olive oil production. The Regulation concerns the identification of actions to be implemented at regional level to improve the quality of the production of olive oil and table olives and the impact thereof on the environment. The actions are related to the twelve-month production cycle commencing on 1 May of each year and concern:
- control of the olive fruit fly and other harmful insects;
- improvements in the cultivation and care of olive trees, and the collection, storage and processing of olives, and the storage of the produced olive oil and table olives;
- technical assistance to olive growers and oil plants to contribute to environmental preservation and to improving the quality of olives and olive oil production;
- improvements in the removal of oil production residues in an environmentally harmless way;
- training and education and the provision of information to growers and processors, including on environmental aspects relating to olive oil and the production process;
- construction or management of laboratories for performing analyses relating to the distinctive characteristics of (extra) virgin olive oil;
- cooperation with specialised bodies in conducting research into ways of improving the (environmental) quality of the olive oil production process.

Annual programmes describing the intended actions to be implemented must be submitted to the European Commission prior to 1 May each year by the olive oil producing member states. The financing of these programmes is provided for in Articles 3 and 4, and in Article 5 of Regulation no. 136/66/EEC.


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