Common Organisation of the Market Regulations (EC) 865/2004 and (EU) 1308/2013

Regulation (EC) no. 865/2004 regulates the common organisation of the market for olive oil. This Regulation intends to prevent the disruption of the internal market and to provide consumers with affordable pricing, because income support for farmers maintaining olive groves is regulated through means of Regulation (EC) no. 1782/2003. For a list of olive products subject to this Regulation, click here. Regulation (EC) no. 865/2004 tightly regulates import and contains various provisions concerning quality. The Annex to Regulation (EC) no. 865/2004 summarises the descriptions and definitions of olive oils and olive-residue oils that pursuant to Article 4 must be used for the trade within or among member states, as well as for trade with third countries.

Regulation (EU) no. 1308/2013 is a new regulation aimed at the common organisation of several agricultural markets, including the market for olive oil. This Regulation among other things regulates reference thresholds, support for private storage, funds for support programmes and marketing standards.

In part VIII of Annex VII descriptions and definitions of olive oil and olive pomace oils are set out which are compulsory as regards the marketing of the products concerned within the Union and, insofar as compatible with international compulsory rules, in trade with third countries.



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