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  1. 28 April 2021

    Export value of the oils and fats sector increased to 12.3 billion euros in 2020 (+ 16%)

    The Dutch import and export of oilseeds, oils, fats and related products - both in volume and value - rose sharply again in 2020. Almost all product categories: oilseeds, vegetable oils and fats, animal fat, UCOs , biodiesel and lecithin, show growth. This has further increased the importance of the oils and fats industry for the Dutch economy.
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  2. 12 November 2020

    MVO response to ActionAid report (Guatemala)

    Recently ActionAid has come up with a report "Women's rights violations in Dutch palm oil supply chains: the case of Guatemala".
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  3. Suppliers around the world speaking the same language

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  4. 3 September 2020

    Different initiatives announced to promote sustainability in Colombia’s palm oil sector

    This week, the Dutch Embassy in Colombia, IDH, Solidaridad Network and other stakeholders announced different projects that aim to promote sustainability and circular economy practices in the Colombian palm oil sector.
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  5. 16 July 2020

    MVO Course Basics of Oils & Fats now digital - Registration open

    MVO Academy developed an interesting course lectured by experts from the industry using various online training tools that keeps participants triggered.
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  6. MVO: support and criticism for SER sustainability framework for biomass

    Biomass is an important resource for making the energy supply more sustainable. However, there is a lot of debate about how sustainable it really is. The Dutch government therefore wants to have a framework developed for sustainable biomass, and the Social and Economic Council of The Netherlands (SER) issued an advice on this on 8 July 2020. MVO made the following points during the process of drawing up the advice.
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  7. MVO in support of regulatory measures to get to deforestation free supply chains

    This week, MVO published a position paper in in response to the European Commission’s communication, ‘Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests’.
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  8. FDE guidance on origin labelling of primary ingredients updated

    FoodDrinkEurope, Primary Food Processors and EuroCommerce have updated their guidance to clarify how the origin of primary ingredients shall be labelled when it is different than the given origin of the food. This updated version of the Guidance (May 2020) has been completed with the interpretations in the recently published Notice of the European Commission.
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  9. Foodvalley award: Shaping the Future of Food

    Foodvalley NL will highlight frontrunners in The Netherlands, Foodvalley Champions, who make a substantial contribution to a future-proof food system. Registration for participation is now opened.
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  10. 9 April 2020

    Call to support initiative to refurbish and donate used laptops

    In this age of corona, we rely more than ever on digital technology to learn, work and interact with others. But thousands of children and vulnerable groups do not have the means to participate digitally. That is why the Dutch government, civil society organisations and the ICT sector are joining forces to collect, refurbish and distribute used laptops among the people who need them most. The initiative also provide the correct software, instructions and, if necessary, an internet connection.
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