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  1. December 16, 2019

    Researchers develop asphalt with soybean oil

    Iowa State University engineering professors have developed an asphalt paving material that contains soybean oil. The substance is more environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt and costs less, according to researchers.
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  2. November 28, 2019

    The Nutri Score logo in the current format is confusing for consumers

    Thursday November 28th the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has announced which front-of-pack logo is chosen in the Netherlands. After a process of about a year in which a consumer research took place, the State Secretary Paul Blokhuis has announced the Nutri Score logo to be the preferred logo.
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  3. November 27, 2019

    Questions related to Amazon answered by minister

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  4. November 25, 2019

    Update brochure on Pesticide Management

    MVO, FEDIOL, COCERAL, Het Comité and UNISTOCK have updated their brochure on pesticide management for farmers and storage companies in non-EU countries.
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  5. November 19, 2019

    Update of NEVO-online

    The new edition of the NEVO table, the Dutch datasheet with nutritional compositions of foods, now contains actual analytical data about oils and fats and fatty acids. These data are delivered by MVO as a result from the investigations of WUR together with MVO. Also the data about margarines and frying fats are updated in this new edition.
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  6. November 19, 2019

    Dutch Advertising Code Committee: anti-palm oil campaign The Flower Farm misleading

    The Dutch Advertising Code Committee (RCC) is of the opinion that the anti-palm oil campaign of the new margarine brand The Flower Farm is misleading, inaccurate and indiscriminate. The Flower Farm acts contrary to both the Dutch Advertising Code and the Environmental Advertising Code, and has to adjust packaging, television commercial, video, social media messages and website. The European Palm Oil Alliance had filed a complaint about the new campaign.
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  7. November 14, 2019

    MVO Course Oils and Fats open for registration

    The course Oils and Fats - Basics technology, Applications and Food Safety that will be held in March/April 2020 is now open for registration. Employees from companies in the oils and fats industry and related companies in the fields of food, feed, technology and energy are more than welcome to participate.
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  8. November 12, 2019

    GMO/NBT: joint statement Netherlands and Spain underlines urgency of next steps

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  9. November 12, 2019

    Palm oil and next steps towards sustainability

    Last week the RSPO had its 16th General assembly and 17th Round Table meeting in Bangkok. Clearly, progress has been made over the last years and the volume of certified palm oil has increased. From the discussions it is also clear that much more needs to be done.
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  10. November 11, 2019

    EU Council adopts decision on NBT/GMO study

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