About us

MVO represents 95% of companies in the Netherlands that are active in the production, processing and trade of vegetable and animal oils and fats. We represent the interests of the sector in contacts with the government, politics, social organizations, science and media. For our members we have a platform function and offer services. In addition, we act as the spokesperson of the sector.

Our companies form a modern chain that is internationally competitive, transparent, safe, sustainable and innovative.

The priorities of our industry are:

  • Food and feed safety   
    We monitor and promote the safety and quality of our raw materials, products and production methods. We stand for a safe and transparent chain and develop and share knowledge, expertise and best practices.   
  • Sustainable development
    We promote the sustainable production of raw materials. We promote biorefining and the use of renewable raw materials for the production of food, feed, materials and energy. We encourage a sustainable and energy-efficient way of working. We are committed to the transition to a circular economy.
  • Nutrition and Health
    We contribute to a healthy diet, with attention to good nutritional values ​​and taste of foods. We are committed to meaningful food legislation at national and European level.
  • Trade policy
    We strive after a level playing field with unhindered access to both raw materials and relevant export markets. We are committed to the removal of trade barriers.


Great economic significance
With an import value of 11.5  billion euros and an export value of more than 10.2 billion euros (2018), the oils and fats industry is one of the largest agro-food sectors in the Netherlands. Our sector is one of the largest processors of oilseeds and tropical oils in Europe and is a leader in the refining, processing, storage and transport of oils and fats.

Broad and modern chain
The companies that are included in the chain are: processors of oilseeds; producers of rendered animal fat; companies that refine and further process oils and fats; traders in oilseeds, oils and fats; fat distributors; storage companies and specialized transport companies; and companies that process oils and fats in foodstuffs, animal feed, oleochemicals, biofuels or other biobased products. The chain also includes companies that provide services such as laboratories, surveyors, knowledge institutes and consultancy firms.

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