Regulation (EEC) no. 2568/91 on the characteristics of olive oils and olive-residue oils and on the relevant methods of analysis, sets out the physical-chemical characteristics of every type and the organoleptic characteristics of (extra) virgin oils, so that the purity and quality of the relevant products can be safeguarded. The characteristics of (extra) virgin olive oils are contained in Annex I, items 1 and 2; and that of olive oil for illumination purposes under item 3. Item 4 of Annex I is reserved for refined olive oil; item 5 for olive oil consisting of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils; item 6 for crude olive-pomace oil, item 7 for refined olive-pomace oil; and item 8 for olive-pomace oil. In addition, EU methods for the chemical analysis and organoleptic evaluation are established. The latter occurs on the basis of a recognised tasters panel (Article 2, paragraph 2). Samples are taken in accordance with the EN ISO 661 and EN ISO 5555 standards. Article 3 regulates the authority of member states to impose fines when the organoleptic characteristics of an oil differ from the characteristics that the oil should have based on its label.

Analysis methods for the: Applicable Annex
determination of free fatty acids content, expressed as a percentage of oleic acid II
determination of the peroxide value III
determination of wax content IV
determination of the composition of sterols V
determination of erythrodiol and uvaol content VI
determination of the saturated fatty acids in position 2 of the triglycerides VII
spectrophotometric analysis IX
determination of the fatty acid composition X.A and X.B
determination of halogenated solvents content (max. 0.1 mg/kg for every detected solvent, max. 0.2 mg/kg for the total detected solvents) XI
evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics of virgin olive oil XII
determination of the oil content of olive-pomace and other residues resulting from the extraction of olive oil (CN codes 2306 90 11 and 2306 90 19) XV
determination of the stigmastadienols content XVII
determination of the composition of triglycerides with ECN 42 XVIII
determination of aliphatic alcohols content XIX
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