November 15, 2017

New courses MVO Academy open for registration

Under the header MVO Academy, MVO organises various courses, workshops and guest lectures concerning oils and fats. For example, a course on food safety is provided each year. We provide guest lectures about the sector and about a wide variety of different aspects of oils and fats at universities. In addition, there is a Digital MVO Knowledge Centre and there is the possibility for an in company training.

The MVO Academy has expanded its course programme in order to strengthen the knowledge about oils and fats. The Academy now starts with the registration of participants for a basics course and a sustainable sourcing course. Both courses will be in the working language of English. The HAS University offers its contribution to the course programme. The programme is developed for and by the sector, however related companies and stakeholders from the supply chain are welcome to participate. 


The two new courses:

Course 'Basics of Oils and Fats'

17 and 18 April 2018 - Delta Hotel, Vlaardingen

24 and 25 April 2018 - HAS University, Den Bosch

This 4 day course addresses every aspect of oils and fats. It updates you on all the relevant aspects of the oils and fats supply chain. The course deals with production, processing, chemistry and applications. But it also highlights the important nutritional aspects, food safety elements and sustainability aspects. The broad overview offered by this course provides an excellent basis for the more detailed courses that MVO Academy offers.

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Course 'Sustainable Sourcing of Oils and Fats'

26 June 2018, Blue City Rotterdam

This course deals with the sustainable sourcing of oils and fats in a complex world. The course will give you insights in the actors and influencers that play a role in the supply chain. It brings you up to speed with all aspects related to the sustainable sourcing of oils and fats and with the tracking of the sustainable materials through the supply chain. Relevant discussions around the topic will be addressed, concerning either upstream or downstream industries.

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