November 19, 2019

Update of NEVO-online

The new edition of the NEVO table, the Dutch datasheet with nutritional compositions of foods, now contains actual analytical data about oils and fats and fatty acids. These data are delivered by MVO as a result from the investigations of WUR together with MVO. Also the data about margarines and frying fats are updated in this new edition.

Het RIVM, the Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu has released a new edition of the NEVO. This edition contains information about 2150 food products. Some 133 nutrients are taken into account.  This editions contains 180 new food products compared to the former edition that dates back to 2016. 

20 botanical origins of oils are updated with analytical data. Also the way of publishing the fatty acids has changed. In this new edition the fatty acids are shown in absolute quantities (gram / 100 gram) in stead of in percentages of total fatty acids.


Last modified: November 28, 2019