Animal Fats and Proteins Legislation

This page provides you with an overview of the EU and national regulations that directly or indirectly affect the production and trade of rendered animal fats and proteins.

The basic materials from which animal fats and proteins are extracted are released when the animals are slaughtered as part of the meat production process. The animal fat and protein that is derived from animals approved for human consumption, both prior to and after slaughtering, may be used in foods, as well as in industrial applications. The animal by-products contain the basic materials which may not be used for human consumption.

A separate category of basic materials is the fish/fish components from which fishmeal and fish oil is extracted. The Netherlands does not produce any crude fish oil. This product is only imported for further refining. If the fish oil or the fishmeal is destined for the food industry, the standard restrictions of the Commodities Act (WaW) apply. If the fish oil or the fishmeal is destined for the compound feed sector, the Animal By-products Regulation applies and the oil and meal is then considered an animal fat or animal protein acquired from Category 3 materials.


Animal Fat and Protein for Human Consumption 


EU Legislation 
Veterinary Directive 2002/99/EC

General legislated veterinary rules governing the production, processing, distribution and import from third countries of products of animal origin (incl. animal fat, animal protein and fish oil) destined for human consumption.

Hygiene Regulations 852, 853 and 854/2004 Hygiene criteria for the production, storage and transport of various products, including animal fats, animal proteins and fish oil.  
Regulation (EC) 470/2009 and Regulation (EU) 37/2010 Residue limits for pharmacologically active substances in foods of animal origin and the classification of these substances.  

Animal By-products

EU Legislation 
Animal By-products Regulation 1069/2009 Collecting, transporting, handling, processing and/or using animal by-products not destined for human consumption, fish oil and fishmeal, spent frying fats and oils, with requirements for tracing, inspection, prohibition on feeding proteins to own species (cannibalism prohibition), hygiene and HACCP requirements, authorised applications per fat and protein category, prohibition on the use of spent frying fat in animal feed, certified processing methods for removal/reuse, regulations governing production and import, trade document and health certificate templates.  
Undesirable Substances Directive 2002/32/EC Residue limits for undesirable substances in animal fats and proteins, fish oil and fishmeal destined for use in animal feeds.  
NL Legislation  
Animals Act, Animal Products Decree and Regulation, etc. Liability to punishment for violation of the requirements of Regulation 1069/2009,
animal carcass working areas methodology, mandatory use of TRACES System for the relocation of Category 1 and 2 materials to other EU member states, structure of compensation methodology, rules for animal feeds, administrative fines in case of violations.

BSE Legislation

EU Legislation 
Parent Regulation (BSE/TSE) (EC) no. 999/2001 Rules to prevent, control and eradicate TSE/BSE, animal meal prohibition for ruminants, BSE risk status, certified (quick) tests.  
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