4 december 2014

EPOA’s mission is to help organisations make an informed choice

In two news items of FoodNavigator, EPOA was interviewed about palm oil. In the first news item Margot Logman, program manager of EPOA, comment on the Italian petition to limit the use of palm oil in processed foods. Margot Logman stated in FoodNavigator: “It’s important to note that there are no recommendations from European health authorities not to use palm oil in food products”.

In a second news item this week in FoodNavigator, Margot Logman mentioned that in the mind of a consumer sustainability and health are linked and need to be addressed together. Both topics (sustainability and health) will be addressed at the European Palm Oil Conference next Tuesday in Brussels, organised by EPOA in cooperation with ESPOAG (European Sustainable Palm Oil Advocacy Group) and RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil).

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Click here to read the article about ‘health and sustainability are linked in consumers’ minds’.

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