26 november 2014

Mandatory COOL cost burden for bulk commodities outweighs the benefits to consumers

The EU Primary Food Processors organised on the 4th of November a Roundtable at the European Parliament to address the issue of extending mandatory Country Of Origin Labelling (COOL) to staple foods such as flour, sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa, starch or vegetable proteins. Presentations were given by Alexandra Nikolakopoulou (DG SANCO), Willy Baltussen (LEI, Wageningen University), Camille Perrin (BEUC), Gary Sharkey (PFP President).

Alexandra Nikolakopoulou gave an overview of the current legislation and explained that the Commission report is on-going and that no definitive position is reached at this stage. 

Willy Baltussen gave a cost- benefit view of extending mandatory country of origin for commodities. One of the conclusions of his interesting presentation was that the expected increase of benefits is not likely to outweigh the expected increase of costs. This because the expected willingness to pay for detailed origin information by the consumer is low and expected cost increase is high for supply chains which are organised in such a way to efficiently supply consumers.

The presentations of Nikolakopoulou and Baltussen and the presentations of the BEUC and PFP are available on the PFP-website.

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