MVO Academy

MVO academy organises courses and guest lectures about oils and fats in the supply chain. In addition, there is a digital MVO knowledge centre. MVO represents the companies in the oils and fats industry in the Netherlands. The oils and fats industry is one of the main agribusiness sectors in the Netherlands. We are dedicated to supporting a sustainable and internationally competitive supply and distribution chain. Within MVO Academy, we aim to disseminate knowledge about oils and fats and thus contribute to a constructive dialogue between the supply chain actors, (future) employees clients, partners and stakeholders.


The courses are developped by experts from the supply chain and related stakeholders.


Course Sustainable Sourcing of Oils and Fats
This one day course explains the sustainable sourcing of oils and fats. The course will give you insights into the complexity of different supply chains. It brings you up to speed with aspects such as traceability, certification and issue management. Additionally, relevant topics will be addressed concerning the multinational issues related to sustainable production of raw materials. More information via Eddy Esselink

Next course expected in 2020.

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Course Basics of Oils and Fats
This course gives an update on all the relevant aspects of the oils and fats supply chain. The course deals with production, processing, chemistry and applications. It also highlights the important nutritional aspects, food safety elements and sustainability aspects. The broad overview offered by this course provides an excellent basis for the more detailed courses that MVO Academy offers. More information via Jolanda van Roon.

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Next course to be expected in April 2020.


Course Food & Feed Safety of Oils and Fats

This course will give insight in food and feed safety aspects related to the oils and fats supply chain. The course deals with legislative aspects, industrial codes, risk evaluations, HACCP and important specifications and standards for the oils and fats industry. Attention will be paid to food and feed safety procedures during the subsequent steps in the supply and production chain of oils and fats starting from the arrival at the port until the receipt at the final food or feed production plant. More information via Annette Klomp.

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Next course to be expected in June 2020.



Guest lectures and Knowledge Centre 

Part of the MVO Academy are also:

  • Guest lectures about oils and fats 
  • In company trainingen
  • Digital Knowledge Centre

 For more information, contact Nicole Vervaet.