3 September 2020

Different initiatives announced to promote sustainability in Colombia’s palm oil sector

This week, the Dutch Embassy in Colombia, IDH, Solidaridad Network and other stakeholders announced different projects that aim to promote sustainability and circular economy practices in the Colombian palm oil sector.

Agreement between Fedepalma, IDH and Cenipalma

Fedepalma and IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative announced this week the signing of a co-financing agreement for €1.2 million to confirm their commitment to strengthening the sustainable production of Colombia’s palm oil, with Cenipalma as technical partner.

This agreement aims to reach 11 palm oi hubs, 1,642 producers (82% of them smallholders); 11 extractors, specialists, suppliers and other stakeholders in the palm oil value chain.

Dutch-Colombian consortium executes project to increase water effiency 

At the same time, the Dutch Embassy in Colombia announced this week that a project has been initiated to foster collaboration between Dutch and Colombian stakeholders in the field of water efficiency in palm oil production in Colombia. This project will be executed by Solidaridad Network, Cenipalma, FutureWater, Delphy and Cenipalma.

Water efficiency in the palm oil sector is considered to be a cornerstone by the Dutch Embassy in Colombia in its bilateral agenda.

Last modified: 3 September 2020