16 July 2020

MVO Course Basics of Oils & Fats now digital - Registration open We are taking the MVO course Basics of Oils & Fats online!

MVO Academy developed an interesting course lectured by experts from the industry using various online training tools that keeps participants triggered.

Already 10 persons, subscribed for this digital course, but we have space for more participants and therefor invite new employees and experienced workers wanting a more integrated insight into the supply chain for this digital course. The course gives an update on all relevant aspects of the oils and fats supply chain. It deals with production, processing, logistics, chemistry and applications. It also highlights the important nutritional aspects, food safety elements and sustainability aspects. The broad overview offered by this course provides an excellent basis. 

We offer remote education for 20 hours using different working methods. The course is divided over 5 days. Each day has 2 blocks of each 2 hours. The following 5 online contribution methods are used:

  1. Online presentations.
  2. Answering questions using provided teaching materials.
  3. Online whiteboard / post-it discussions, using software such as Mural or Miro.
  4. Videos and presentations about processing steps.
  5. Feedback from small experiments that can be done in a kitchen or work lab.

If you would like to register for this course, please fill in this registration form. The cost will be € 750,00 for MVO-members and € 1000,00 for non-MVO members.

Registration is limited to 30 people.

Click here for a leaflet on the course.

Provisional dates are 12, 13, & 14 October, and 5 & 6 November.



Last modified: 16 July 2020