1. 3 februari 2014

    Soy Moratorium will end in December 2014

    Today, the Soy Task Force (GTS) announced that during their meeting on January 31 in Brasília it was decided to extend the Soy Moratorium through December 2014. At that time, according GTS, it will finally be terminated because, eight years after its inception, including six renewals, it has lost its efficacy and because, during this period, Brazil’s environmental governance has significantly evolved.
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  2. 31 januari 2014

    State of Sustainability Initiative (SSI) Review 2014 launched

    Geneva – January 31, 2014 – Today, two new reports were launched. Private sector sourcing commitments are driving major market growth for sustainable commodities, according to the State of Sustainability Initiatives (SSI) Review 2014 published today by an alliance of international organisations. The second report was launched by the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), which seeks to document field-level impacts of voluntary sustainability standards and related initiatives. The SSI report also considers the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil and the Round Table on Responsible Soy. MVO is involved in the work and seeks how to make best use of the outcome of the reporting.
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  3. 29 januari 2014

    Ferrero presenteert 4e MVO-jaarverslag

    Op 28 januari 2014 presenteerde Ferrero zijn MVO-jaarverslag aan handelspartners, NGO’s en andere stakeholders in Nederland. Onder meer op het gebied van grondstoffen en milieu heeft het Italiaanse familiebedrijf tien ambitieuze doelstellingen die het wil bereiken tegen 2020. Eind 2014 moet alle palmolie 100% duurzaam gecertificeerd en gesegregeerd zijn, één jaar voor de oorspronkelijke planning.
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  4. 29 januari 2014

    Consumentenbond test frituurvetten en –oliën

    Onder de kop: ‘Lekker frituren, maar in welk vet?’ heeft de consumentenbond een test uitgevoerd van verschillende frituurvetten en –oliën. De belangrijkste conclusie is dat frituren in vloeibaar frituurvet of in olie beter is dan frituren in vast vet. De consumentenbond onderzocht 21 vetproducten en frituurde tijdens 10 bakrondes 2,5 kilo patat en 80 bitterballen.
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  5. 28 januari 2014

    Louise Fresco benoemd tot bestuursvoorzitter Wageningen UR

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  6. 27 januari 2014

    Honduras: First RSPO National Interpretation for small producing countries

    According to Proforest, Honduras became the first country in the world to develop a National Interpretation of the global Principles and Criteria of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) using the specially developed procedure for countries producing less than 5% of the world’s palm oil.
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  7. 27 januari 2014

    Online seminar sustainable palm oil for biobased products

    Croda organises an online seminar on the use of sustainable palm oil for biobased products like Personal Care ingredients. The online seminar will take place 29th of January 2012 from 9.00 till 10.00 am CET (Amsterdam)
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  8. MVO course on Food and Feed Safety on Oils & Fats fully booked

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  9. EFSA publishes draft risk assessment on Bispenol A

    Last week, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) presented the second part of the draft opinion relating to the human health risks posed by exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a chemical compound used in food contact materials such as packaging and other consumer products. Small amounts of BPA can migrate into foods and beverages. Before finalizing the complete opinion on BPA, EFSA now invites the public to make online comments.
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  10. 17 januari 2014

    Mondelez International: 100% RSPO duurzame palmolie

    Mondelez International heeft gemeld in 2013 voor 100% RSPO duurzame palmolie te hebben ingekocht.
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