3 februari 2014

Soy Moratorium will end in December 2014 New sustainability agenda for the Amazon Biome to be defined

Today, the Soy Task Force (GTS) announced that during their meeting on January 31 in Brasília it was decided to extend the Soy Moratorium through December 2014. At that time, according GTS, it will finally be terminated because, eight years after its inception, including six renewals, it has lost its efficacy and because, during this period, Brazil’s environmental governance has significantly evolved.

It was also decided that a new working agenda for soybean sustainability in the Amazon Biome will be defined to replace the Soy Moratorium, which was implemented in July 2006. 

The proposal for this new agenda, presented by ABIOVE (Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industries Association), ANEC (National Grain Exporters Association) and their member companies, was well received by the GTS. What is new is that the entities representing soybean producers and consumers will take part in building the new model for Sustainable Amazon Soybeans.
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