Nutrition and Health

We contribute to a healthy diet, with attention to good nutritional values ​​and taste of foods. We are committed to meaningful food legislation at national and European level. We discuss and coordinate our activities within the Nutrition and Health Working Group and the Project Group Healthy Frying.

In the period 2018 - 2020 MVO focusses amongst other things on the following:

  • Ensure that legislation is meaningful for society and for the sector and at the same time practically applicable, for example the covenant on the enrichment of margarines with vitamin D.
  • Following the science and guidelines formulated on the basis of science, such as the WHO guidelines for SAFA and TFA or the new standards for nutrients from the Health Council.
  • Carry out analyzes, for example with regard to the fatty acid composition of oils or with regard to the consumption data of the Dutch population.
  • Stimulating healthier oils and fats products, whether these are ingredients or end products. This while retaining the taste and structure of a product. Oils and fats are an essential part of a healthy diet and attribute to an attractive end product.
  • Spreading knowledge about the natural origin of oils and fats, about the healthy choice in oils and fats, about their functional properties and about the consumption of margarines and cooking fats. Classes are provided for the youth within the public-private programme ‘Smaaklessen’.
  • Providing information to specific target groups such as dietitians (background information) and catering entrepreneurs (campaign Responsible Frying) via different channels


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