Palm oil debate in Italy reaches a turning point Industry and NGOs agree that certified sustainable palm oil is the solution

The European Palm Oil Conference (EPOC 2015) held in Milan 29 October 2015 marked a turning point in the debate on palm oil in Italy. Leading businesses and NGOs present at the conference reached a strong consensus on the role of certified sustainable palm oil in the Italian food industry, for both sustainability and nutritional reasons. EPOC also welcomed the launch of the Italian Union for Sustainable Palm Oil (Unione Italiana per l’olio di palma sostenibile) which has just begun work on the task of raising awareness of the benefits and contribution of certified sustainable palm oil for the food industry.

Organised by the European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA), a platform created to rebalance the debate on palm oil in Europe, EPOC 2015 is supported by its partners the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the Indonesia Estate Crop Fund for Palm Oil, and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative.  It was co-hosted by the Italian Union for Sustainable Palm Oil.

Directly linked to the Milan Expo 2015’s theme, ‘Feeding the planet, energy for life’, EPOC 2015 demonstrated that to solve sustainability issues globally and meet the global rising demand for edible fats and oils, the only oil to replace palm oil is certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO).

The engaging debate showed the important role certified sustainable palm oil plays in creating viable solutions to feeding the planet in the future. It also underlined the importance of transparency in the food industry and the need for factual, science-based information to inform the debate on palm oil. Experts from different parts of the palm oil supply chain shared their opinions and engaged in a debate on the latest scientific and consumer insights as well as the most recent developments in production.

Frans Claassen, the chair of EPOA, and managing director of MVO said: “We need to work together through the supply chain to make sure the right information exists so that consumers can make informed food choices that will help improve their diet. The palm oil industry takes responsibility for providing fact-based information and explaining its commitment to 100 per cent certified sustainable palm oil in Europe. EPOC 2015 is held to highlight this commitment and to provide a place for all those working with the palm oil industry to discuss and find new ways to support each other through a growing number of industry initiatives in Europe.”

More information and the presentations here on the website of EPOA

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