November 27, 2019

Questions related to Amazon answered by minister Last Monday, minister Kaag (Foreign Affairs) answered questions asked by parliamentarian Diks about the Dutch soy import from South America.

The government underlines the importance of the Amazon and Cerrado regions and assures the continuous dialogue with Brazil about this. She also refers to the role by the European Union to play. The Netherlands urges the European Commission to consider both regulatory and non-regulatory measures. The Dutch government stimulates the private sector to buy sustainable produced commodities and yields to increase market demand for certified sustainable and deforestation free products in and outside the European Union. 

Link to the letter can be found here

The minister also answered earlier questions about the destruction taking place in the Amazon. The Netherlands, together with the European Union is urging the Brazilian government to improve both environmental regulation and governance. Furthermore she underlines the importance for the private sector work in line with the OECD guidelines.

Link to the letter can be found here.

Last modified: November 27, 2019