9 februari 2016

RSPO launches 'RSPO NEXT'

The Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has launched the voluntary add-on criteria to its existing Principles and Criteria (P&C). A framework for palm oil buyers to purchase RSPO NEXT Credits is currently being developed.

RSPO NEXT can be implemented on a voluntary basis by any RSPO grower member who is already successfully and significantly certified to the RSPO P&C and meets the additional RSPO NEXT requirements. To be eligible, a grower member must demonstrate that at least 60% of their plantations are RSPO certified, and must commit to the implementation of RSPO NEXT policies throughout all their operations. These must include:

  • Public No Deforestation Policy
  • No planting on peatland
  • No fire
  • Reduction and public reporting of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Respect for smallholders’ and workers’ rights
  • No use of Paraquat
  • Enhanced transparency and traceability

RSPO NEXT criteria will be verified independently by accredited Certification Bodies, alongside compliance with the RSPO P&C.  


Palm oil buyers that want to claim their commitment to RSPO NEXT can do so through a system of RSPO NEXT credit purchases. A program of credits that will each represent 1MT of CSPO/PK from an RSPO NEXT verified plantation is currently being developed. A threshold for supply chain members to buy RSPO NEXT certificates is already clear. Members can buy NEXT credits when 100% of their palm oil products are covered by ‘ordinary’ CSPO/PKO or ‘Book & Claim’ credits. The first entry for NEXT credits has a minimum of 20% or 150,000 MT, whichever is less, with a target of 50% uptake within the first 3 years of participation. This follows the principle of “Commensurate Effort” between palm oil producers and palm oil users and will incentivise both sides of the supply chain. In addition to the Eligibility and Application Framework guidance the RSPO is currently developing the rules for Supply Chain members via a dedicated working group.

MVO supports the launch of these add-on criteria and the development of a framework for supply chain members. This perfectly fits in the recent launch of the Dutch Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil and its new commitment that encourages the continous improvement of certification standards. MVO will continue to work with its partners both in the Netherlands and in Europe to increase the uptake of more sustainable palm oil.


For the RSPO NEXT add-on criteria and other documents click here.



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