13 november 2014

RSPO'S Palm Oil Debate Now Live

The RSPO's Palm Oil Debate has been launched on the Guardian Sustainable Business platform.

The RSPO's Palm Oil Debate is a 12 month project launched on the Guardian Sustainable Business platform. It features an interactive visual story about the impacts of palm oil, a blog and will be updated with much more content and conversation about all aspects of the palm oil supply chain and sustainability.

The RSPO asks its members, to help to create an informed and balanced debate. Please share information about the Palm Oil Debate through your communication channels and try to engage with people commenting online, via the Guardian comments thread and social media. You can also join the live blog discussions, the first live Q&A is scheduled for 18 November from RT12 in Kuala Lumpur. Also, a workshop will be run on 18 November at RT12 to share the research and strategy behind the Palm Oil Debate in more detail.

By raising awareness on palm oil and the complexities of transforming the supply chain to sustainability, the RSPO aims to build support for sustainable palm oil and the RSPO. 
RSPO members also have the oppertunity to submit quality features to be published on the Palm Oil Debate. While the RSPO is the sole sponsor of the hub, it is independently managed by The Guardian and subject to their strict rules on journalistic independence and integrity. Do let us or the RSPO know if you’d like to make a submission and if appropriate you will be put in touch with The Guardian editorial team.

Laatst gewijzigd: 13 november 2014