Soy in Brazil: Decree on CAR and PRA strengthens new environmental agenda for soybeans in the Amazon Biome Presidential Decree No. 8235 regulates the PRA (Environmental Regularization Program) and complements the necessary regulations to implement the CAR (Rural Environmental Registration)

Brazilian environmental governance has evolved over the last seven years, reaching a high point with the approval of the new Forest Code in 2012. According to ABIOVE, on May 5th, with Presidential decree 8235 that regulates PRA and complements the regulations to implement CAR, Brazil’s rural producers are closer to getting desired legal security for their properties. In addition, the transition of the Soy Moratorium (which ends this coming December) to a new sustainability agenda for soybeans in the Amazon Biome is strengthened by the regulation of the Forest Code’s two main pillars – the CAR and the PRA.

More about the decree, PRA, CAR and the new soybean agenda in the Amazon Biome can be found here

Laatst gewijzigd: 7 mei 2014