Soy Task Force announces renewal Soja Moratorium

The Soy Task Foce (GTS) has announced the renewal of the Soja Moratorium in the Amazon. The GTS also presented its most recent monitoring results showing that the contribution of soy production to deforestation in the Amazon is just 0.8% (2014/2015) of the total deforestation in this biome. The Soy Moratorium is expected to be replaced in the near future by a monitoring system based on CAR (Rural Environmental Registration).

The renewal of the Soja Moratorium was announced last Monday in a meeting by the Minister of Environment, Izabella Teixeira, the Private Sector Coordinator of the Soy Moratorium and President of ABIOVE, Carlo Lovatelli, and the Civil Society Coordinator and Greenpeace Director, Paulo Adário. The Moratorium was first signed in 2006 and aims to prevent deforestation in the Amazion biome. The GTS members are private sector, civil society organisations and government.

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Laatst gewijzigd: 10 mei 2016