Sustainable Development

We promote the sustainable production of raw materials. We promote biorefining and the use of renewable raw materials for the production of food, feed, materials and energy. We encourage a sustainable and energy-efficient way of working. We are committed to the transition to a circular economy. We dispose of our activities within the Sustainable Sourcing and Circular Economy working groups. In addition, collaboration and coordination take place in four project groups.

In 2021, MVO will focus on the following topics:

Sustainable Development

  • We promote the production and use of sustainably produced raw materials (focus on palm oil and soy) and communicate about their importance, our actions and concrete results.
  • As part of the 'Farmer to Fork' strategy, we give concrete substance to the 'smart mix' of voluntary and legal measures - due diligence - for International Corporate Social Responsibility (IMVO) at national and European level.
  • We are committed to the industry within the national implementation of REDII and European evaluation of REDII as part of the Green Deal.
  • We support the industry in the energy transition and coordinate the transition from MJA to MJRC covenant (Meer Jaren Reductie CO2 Covenant).

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