Sustainable Development

We promote the sustainable production of raw materials. We promote biorefining and the use of renewable raw materials for the production of food, feed, materials and energy. We encourage a sustainable and energy-efficient way of working. We are committed to the transition to a circular economy. We dispose of our activities within the Sustainable Sourcing and Circular Economy working groups. In addition, collaboration and coordination take place in four project groups.

In the period 2018-2020 amongst other things MVO focuses on the following topics:

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Demand for and production of sustainable palm oil.
  • Sustainable sourcing soy.
  • Facilitate dialogue on sustainability issues for coconut oil.

Energy transition

  • Dissemination and application knowledge of sustainable electricity.
  • Sector research into the feasibility and adaptability of heat pumps in the energy supply of MVO companies.

Circular economy

  • Securing investments in the production of biofuels and retaining biofuels after 2020 as a available alternative for combustion engines in road transport and maritime and aviation.
  • Clarification of waste legislation with regard to by-products that are used mainly as raw materials for energy applications.
  • Replacement of process components containing asbestos.
  • Stimulate research and development of biobased products based on oils and fats.
  • Participation in NEN norm committee Biobased products.
  • Investigate opportunities for oil and fat chain within the Raw Materials Agreement.
  • Campaign Recycle Frying Fat


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