30 november 2015

Swedish initiative for sustainable palm oil presents progress report

Book & Claim dominates Swedish Food Industry throughout the period 2010-2015. Mass Balance and Segregated options increase slowly.

The Swedish initiative for sustainable palm oil is working towards increasing the share of certified and sustainable palm oil in the Swedish market. The initiative was initiated at the beginning of 2014 and is coordinated by the Swedish Food Industry. The initiative has the ambition to fulfill the requirements of using solely certified (RSPO) palm oil by 2015. The progress report is based on primary data collection via questionaires (25% response rate) and company-based RSPO and GreenPalm progress reports. The progress report presents an approximate uptake of the following for the Swedish food industry in 2014:

  • Book & Claim at 55,757 MT (93%)
  • Segregated at 1,619 MT (2.7%)
  • Mass Balanced at 526 MT (1%)
  • Identity Preserved at 82 MT (0.1%)
  • Non-certified at 2,017 MT (3%).

For more on the Swedish Initiative click here. For the complete progress report click here




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