Trade Policy

We strive after a level playing field with unhindered access to both raw materials and relevant export markets. We are committed to the removal of trade barriers. We discuss and coordinate our activities within the Working Group Trade Policy.

In 2021, amongst other things, MVO focuses on the following topics:

Trade Policy

  • We represent the interests of the industry with governments and politicians in relation to trade liberalization, trade conflicts and trade protection (in case of dumping and illegal subsidies) and inform our members about this.
  • We inform our members and share our positions with the government on free trade negotiations between the EU and third countries: Mercosur, USA, Africa, Indonesia and ASEAN countries.
  • We inform and support our members about the consequences of Brexit and provide input for the future trade relationship between the EU-27 and the UK.
  • We determine our position and inform our members about the so-called 'Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism'.

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