17 november 2015

'UK consumes between 72% and 93% sustainable palm oil'

The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs presented its third annual review on the UK consumption of sustainable palm oil.

This annual review concluded that collectively the imports of RSPO supported supply chain models for sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil by UK companies in 2014 were equivalent to an estimated proportion of 72% (increasing from 55% in 2013) or 93% (increasing from 71% in 2013) of UK palm oil imports (excluding derivatives and finished goods). The figures estimate a 53-68% share of Segregated and Mass Balance and a 19-25% share of Book&Claim. The range between the two figures depends on the type of trade data sources used for total UK import: Oil World data or data provided by FEDIOL.

The annual review monitors the progress made by UK sector associations that committed for sustainable palm oil in 2012: “The United Kingdom is working towards achieving 100% sourcing of credibly certified sustainable palm oil by the end of 2015”. This is the 3rd update of the progress made by the organisations involved since the publication of the first progress report in November 2013. For more information on the statement and its progress click here.

To read the complete UK's annual review please click here.


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