9 februari 2017

UK presents new monitoring report sustainable palm oil

UK imports an estimated proportion of 87% or 108% CSPO, depending on the baseline trade data used. This represents an increase from 72% or 93% respectively in 2014, and from 50% and 59% respectively in 2012.

The report is the final update to commitments made in the sustainable production of palm oil: UK statement by signed up organisations in 2012. As the report specifies, while the analysis does contain some limitations in terms of data accuracy and completeness, the results clearly demonstrate that signatories have achieved a high level of success in delivering the Statement’s ambition of working towards 100% sourcing of credibly certified sustainable palm oil by the end of 2015. This represents a positive transformation in the UK market for sustainable palm oil over the period since the Statement was agreed in 2012.

The report concludes that imports of segregated and mass balance CSPO and purchases of GreenPalm certificates by UK companies in 2015 were equivalent to an estimated proportion of 87% or 108% of UK palm oil imports (excluding derivatives and finished goods), depending on the baseline trade data used. Total SG and MB CSPO volume was 326,033 MT. Greenpalm represented 131,261 MT. For more details see the more elaborate annual review

The UK sectors supporting the 2012 statement will continue to work on sustainable palm oil. The report describes how for example the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the government will keep up to good momentum for sustainable palm oil in the UK. MVO welcomes the new UK report that shows that commitments for sustainable palm oil deliver results. 




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