28 september 2016

Use of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in Germany increases

79% of the German food Industry used certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) for the German market in 2015. In total, the German industry used 72% CSPO in 2015.

The German Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) presented its monitoring results on sustainable palm oil during its annual meeting yesterday. The study focusses on the use of sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil in the German food, feed, energy, home and personal care (HPC) and chemical sectors.

Germany used around 1,044 million MT palm oil and 123,000 MT of palm kernel oil in 2015. This is a decrease of around 200,000 MT compared to 2013. Palm oil in Germany was mainly used for energy (45%) and food (24%) applications. Palm kernel oil was mainly used in the German HPC and chemical industry.

The total German industry used 751,272 MT (72%) CSPO in 2015. When we exclude the German energy market, the German industry used 254,422 (47%) CSPO. This is an increase of 53.562 (12%) compared to 2013. The German food industry increased from 167,100 (61%) CSPO in 2013 to 193,600 (79%) CSPO in 2015. Other German sectors such as feed (15%), HPC (46%) or chemical (21%) have lower percentages compared to the food industry.

The members of the German FONAP played an important contribution to increase the uptake of CSPO in Germany. In total, the 43 members use around 170.000 MT for the German, Swiss and Austrian markets and are all committed to use 100% CSPO. The FONAP is also committed to work in close collaboration with its European partners such as the Dutch Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil towards 100% sustainable palm oil in Europe by 2020.

For the complete press release and the study click here.

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