22 september 2017

WWF launches first Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard for Malaysia and Singapore

The Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard – Malaysia and Singapore 2017 is an initiative to introduce transparency into Southeast Asia’s palm oil industry. Published by WWF, the Scorecard assesses the buying and sourcing of palm oil by local retailers, manufacturers and food service brands. The Scorecard also describes the relevance of palm oil to the regional economy and the importance of sustainable practices.

According the scorecard, two-thirds of home grown brands are not transparent about their palm oil usage compared to global brands.  30% of regional brands responded to WWF and three have public commitments on palm oil use. The Scorecard refers to European initiatives on sustainable palm oil that have successfully increased the uptake of sustainable palm oil since 2010.

In response to these findings, WWF-Singapore has launched a campaign to demonstrate to local brands that consumers care and support sustainable palm oil. Consumers can send emails to their brands to pledge for transparency and to start sourcing sustainable palm oil.


For more information click here.  For the scorecard click here.

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