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Our role

MVO believes in the power of cooperation. For our members, we offer a platform for consultation and coordination. We are active in lobby and advocacy, and act as a spokesperson on behalf of the indutsry. We provide communication and services, are committed to self-regulation and externally binding agreements and we promote knowledge sharing and expertise development.


MVO provides information that is relevant for our industry. All employees of our member companies can register via and thus gain access to the information on the website that is exclusively available to MVO members; among which the News Flashes, Position Papers, Fact Sheets and the Trade Statistics tool.

News Flashes

Employees of companies that are members of MVO can register and unsubscribe via the MVO website for English-language news items via e-mail (News Flashes) on the following (sub)themes:

  • Organisation
  • MVO Trade Statistics
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Circular Economy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Biofuels
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Food and Feed Safety
  • Trade Policy
  • Biotechnology

If you are interested, you can create an account here.


Trade Statistics

MVO Trade Statistics is a user-friendly tool that has been developed to provide our member companies easy access to official EU trade data. Using this tool, member companies can obtain Eurostat trade data for oilseeds, vegetable and animal fats and oils, margarine, specialty fats, biodiesel, lecithins and fatty acids. The tool provides accurate and very specific information about the import and export (value and volume) of these products from/to other EU Member States or third countries.


By conducting campaigns, we show that we take our social responsibility. MVO is responsible for the following campaigns related to health and sustainability:

Verantwoord Frituren 



Frituurvet Recycle Het!


Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil

The Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil (DASPO), initiated by MVO,  is a partnership of organisations in the palm oil supply chain, based in the Netherlands. These parties are working together to stimulate the production and use of sustainably produced palm oil.

The DASPO was established in 2016. DASPO members are committed to using Mass Balance and Segregated certified sustainable palm oil and to the continuous improvement of certification standards for sustainable palm oil. The DASPO reports annually on the progress of the use of sustainable palm oil in the Netherlands.The secretariat is run by MVO.

MVO Academy

MVO academy organises courses and guest lectures about oils and fats in the supply chain. Within MVO Academy, we aim to disseminate knowledge about oils and fats and thus contribute to a constructive dialogue between the supply chain actors, (future) employees, clients, partners and stakeholders. The courses are developed by experts from the supply chain and related stakeholders.


For young professionals working in the oils and fats industry MVO initiated YOF (Young Oils & Fats). The network currently comprises more than 60 interested participants. YOF organises company visits and other networking opportunities. 

MVO Magazine

The MVO Magazine is a digital Dutch-language magazine for relations in and outside the oils and fats industry (including non-members of MVO, government, politics and other organisations and companies). The magazine covers news, politics, items on sustainabilty, foodsafety, technology, health, and more, all related to vegetable and animal oils and fats. The magazine is published six times a year. To receive the MVO Magazine in your mailbox you just have to send an email to


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