MVO - The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry

MVO is an association that represents the Dutch oils and fats Industry. It was established on 5 November 2013. MVO stands up for the common interests of the companies in the Dutch oils and fats sector. It is a private organisation, financed through contributions by its members. The organisation originated from the Margarine, Fats and Oils Product Board (In Dutch: Productschap Margarine, Vetten en Olien, hence the abbreviation MVO), which was abolished by law on 1 January 2015. 

Together with our members, MVO is committed to making the industry more sustainable and to strengthen the international competitive position of the sector. MVO represents 95% of the businesses in the Netherlands that are active in vegetable and animal oils and fats. MVO is a platform for producers, importers, processors and buyers. We represent the interests of the sector in contacts with government, politics, civil society organisations, science and the media. For a complete list of members click here.

Sustainable Development

MVO participates in international consultations between companies, governments and NGOs to increase the sustainability of production and distribution. We particularly focus on the sustainable sourcing of oils and fats, biorefining and the use of renewable raw materials for the production of food, feed, materials and energy. MVO also pays a lot of attention to topics such as process innovation and sustainable business operations, including energy efficiency. MVO collects, analyses and publishes information related to biofuels, participates in platforms and conferences and represents sector positions in consultation with governments and other bodies. See also: the Sustainability section on the MVO website.

Health & Nutrition 

MVO follows developments in National and European legislation and regulations, food policy and science. Important themes include NutriScore, product reformulation, vitamin enrichment, fatty acid composition and labelling. MVO provides information to specific target groups such as dietitians (newsletter Ter Perse) catering entrepreneurs (campaign 'Verantwoord Frituren'), and school kids (education programme ‘Smaaklessen’). See also: the Nutrition and Health section on the MVO website.

Food & Feed Safety

MVO stimulates food safety throughout the industry. MVO takes the initiative, consults with various parties and the government and is a source of information in this area. This includes legislation and regulations regarding the use of pesticides, contaminants and transport and animal fat. Quality policy, training and knowledge sharing are also important points for attention within this theme. See also: the Food and Feed Safety section on the MVO website.

Trade Policy 

Given their global playing field, our member companies have a strong interest in an unrestricted import of raw materials to the European Union, the abolition of export duties and barriers, and trade liberalisation. MVO advocates for these interests, informs companies and contributes to the social debate about WTO matters, free trade agreements, preferential arrangements and autonomous tariff measures. MVO provides companies, government and politicians with trade information and statistics. Additionally MVO also informs its members on EU policy on biotechnology. See also: the Trade Policy section on the MVO website.

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