The oils and fats supply chain

In our sector, industry, trade and service providers form a powerful and professional chain of companies. This supply chain illustration shows the network of companies and people that are involved in the production and delivery of an oil or fat product or a service. From the growers at the top left and the companies that convert the raw materials into an oil or fat, to the consumers who use the products in their daily lives and the companies that recycle.This supply chain has a global scope and the first five steps mentioned in the illustration, are taking place abroad. 

Components of the oils and fats chain that are represented by MVO include importers, specialised storage and transshipment companies, crushing and refinery companies, animal fat companies, fat compounders, transport companies (road and inland waterways), food companies, feed businesses, the oleochemical industry, fat recyclers, biofuel manufacturers, specialised service providers, surveyors, laboratories and knowledge institutes.

Supply chain




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